All About Foreshadowing 

What is foreshadowing?

It is when a writer makes a hint early on in the text that reference to something that will happen later in the story. In short, it’s a way for a writer to show or indicate beforehand something about the future; be it about the character, the plot or anything else. Sometimes a foreshadow, or hint, can be obvious and others times it isn’t.

Why foreshadow?

It is just one of the ways to make your story rise above the ordinary. Not many writers make use of this or don’t know how to effectively execute it. But the whole point of using foreshadow is to give readers a hint of what’s going to happen — to make them excited so that they’ll keep turning the pages.

How to foreshadow?

Don’t worry about foreshadowing as you write your story or during the planning stage. It’s not until you revise your story that you will be able to check where and what you want to foreshadow. The best way to do that is to select which events you want to foreshadow and then work backwards, planting subtle ”hints” for each event in the preceding chapters.

Examples of foreshadowing:

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